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Looking to Stand Out from the Crowd

The IT industry analyst market is a crowded place. Achieving and maintaining consistent momentum is hard. While you concentrate on delivering your services, don't you need someone to line up your next engagement? Valley View Ventures can help with Sales, Exposure, and Client Support. For a small percentage of cash received, Valley View Ventures will help you promote your services while providing outstanding client relationship management.

For more information see Gartner Pioneer.

Here are some of the services we provide leading independent IT thought leaders:


While you are busy delivering services to your clients, Valley View Ventures will promote your services. You provide Scope, Timeframe, and Price. Valley View Ventures will present, propose, close, invoice and collect funds for your services to the leading buyers of IT Industry analysis.

Valley View Ventures activities include:


As you advise your clients, exposure to the right market influencers is critical. In the past, a few quotes in the trade press and a major conference presentation were all you needed to queue up business. With just a few phone calls you could line up this necessary exposure, but not any more.

Valley View Ventures will work with you to land you the exposure you need from:

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