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Gartner Pioneer Starts New Firm

JANUARY 1, 2002

Fred Abbott, a former Gartner Vice President and General Manager announced the formation of Valley View Ventures. V3 connects information technology executives from the Fortune 500 and business planners to leading independent thought leaders, consultants, and industry analysts.

Senior consultants and analysts find working as employees of large consulting firms no longer attractive. At large firms, compensation, the opportunity to build equity, and job security all declined during the last few years. As a result, consultants with a strong following discover going independent is far more lucrative than remaining an employee of a big IT industry analysis company.

Clients find that the independents offer far better value, too. Fred Abbott, says, Independents provide insight and advice more closely tailored to their clients particular needs. Plus, the analysts delivering these services are uniformly more seasoned. Best of all, fees are less because clients do not pay for unnecessary overhead. Fred concludes, As in fine dining, where the best meals are rarely found at large restaurant chains, the most valuable IT industry analysis flows from independents.

Still, making the right connections is a big issue for independent analysts and their clients. Large firms deploy extensive sales organizations to spread the word and provide client services. Independent consultants and analysts lack the same access to the market. On the client side, finding the independent analyst or consultant with the right qualifications can be problematic. No one place exists to find outstanding independent analytical and consulting assistance. That's why V3 was formed.

For more information on V3 contact:

Fred H. Abbott
Valley View Ventures
97 Mildred Circle
Concord, MA 01742

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