Discovering Higher Visibility and Better Value from Independent IT Industry Analysts

Fred Abbott & Linda Ziffrin

Why is business growing at V3 when other analyst groups struggle?

Experienced, high visibility industry analysts find forming their own firm 3 to 5 times more lucrative than remaining an employee of a traditional firm. Their clients discover excellent value in competitively priced services from independent firms managed by an assortment of talented and experienced industry analysts... the same analysts quoted daily in leading business media outlets like CNN, The Wall Street Journal, etc.

Visibility and Influence

V3 analyst clients are regularly quoted for their analysis in the top media outlets from print to video to social media. Leading V3 analyst clients and thoughtleaders appeared exponentially more frequently than their colleagues at traditional analyst firms. Don't believe us? Check it out. Rob Enderle, Roger Kay, Charles King and Altimeter @Prophet consistently score significantly higher in media visibility than any other analysts in their space.

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Out from under bureaucratic overhead and confining stove-piped technology coverage, independent IT analysts offer greater access and deeper insight. By outsourcing client relationship management to V3, V3 analyst clients are free to focus on industry analysis. And as a result, V3 can provide "one stop shopping" for large clients while offering the unique value found only from smaller industry analyst firms.

The arrangement works so well for both clients and analysts that clients frequently refer analysts to V3 for representation.

Analysts represented by V3 offer:

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