Valley View Ventures, Inc.
= V3


Business Agency for IT Industry Influencers, Analysts, & Consultants


Representing IT industry influencers

since 2001

Valley View Ventures, Inc. (V3) - business agent for leading independent IT industry influencers. The V3 network includes Gartner, IDC, and Forrester analysts who left to establish their own firms, as well as highly visible IT industry influencers with wide social and traditional media exposure.

V3 is a certified supplier to well-known technology firms such as IBM, Microsoft, HP, Amazon, Dell, and Cisco, in addition to Fortune 500 IT organizations, and many smaller companies requiring the services of independent IT industry thought leaders.

Whether seeking to engage an independent IT industry influencer, or an influencer requiring efficient, cost effective representation, V3 can help.

Founded by a Gartner and IDC pioneer, V3 understands the nuances of IT industry analysis. Based on deep industry experience and long-standing connections, V3 can bridge the business process gap between influencers and their clients — accelerating procurement while strengthening relationships.

We look forward to being of service. Please contact us with any questions.